Family Support

One could not possibly take on an undertaking such as this without the support of their family. My wife and I have encouraged our children to become involved in their community. Our youngest son Paul, now 31, received the Osgoode Youth Volunteer Award in 2009 and the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award in 2012. Our eldest son Drew (Andrew), many will know from his business called Drew’s Computer Repairs. Drew has helped with various charities, Osgoode Canada Day and was part of the Osgoode Lions Club. In fact, Drew cares so deeply about improving our community that he has offered to help as a volunteer in the office if I am elected. We feel very strongly that there should be much better local representation in the Metcalfe office that people can contact to express concerns. Drew could obviously be a great source for technical support and also instantly bring any concerns forward to the City. He would be that extra set of eyes and ears that no other candidate could possibly ever offer!

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