Why am I running?

I do appreciate where we live. However, over the years I have grown very concerned with how the city is being run and Osgoode Ward’s role in it. I have been disappointed with the approach that our local representatives at Ottawa City Council since amalgamation have taken to present the concerns of the citizens of Osgoode Ward.

First, Doug Thompson and then his protégé George Darouze have been mute “bobbleheads” or “puppets” of the Mayors and the rest of Council. They have both constantly blindly voted for every expensive project and scheme the City has come up with over that last 20+ years without ever expressing our many needs. Our rural communities seem to suffer the most from the poor planning and lack of funding for our police, fire, paramedics and many other services.

Therefore, despite their many photo-ops, manipulations of the truth, and attempts at vote-buying from their “Tax-Payer” funded office budgets, these two individuals have been miserable failures as true “Rural” Representatives.

In conclusion, I am running because I want to completely change the narrative of how we are represented at Council. If elected, I will stand up and speak out insisting that the constant tax increases need to STOP and that we get back our fair share from the taxes we pay. In addition, I will always defend a high quality Rural way of life!

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