Elect Bob Masaro

Councillor - Osgoode Ward 20

Robert P. Masaro, B.A.(Hons.), B.Ed.

For Fiscal Accountability

Election Date: October 24, 2022

Candidate Bob Masaro

Taxes: Debt financing the city must be stopped!

  • Stop wasting taxpayers money, be fiscally responsible
  • Council must work within Budgets, freeze property taxes, stop adding to the debt!
  • Advocate for a “line – by – line” review of city’s finances to find efficiencies
  • Debenture funding that has taken place for the LRT is a future nightmare that needs to be exposed!
  • Osgoode Ward has been constantly shafted, our tax money must come back more equitably. Will insist on full accountability from the City.
  • Stormwater (Rain) Tax Repeal

            By far the most important role of a Councillor is to provide financial accountability and transparency with regard to how your tax money is being spent. Unfortunately, far too often during the era of Jim Watson and the current Council decisions on almost everything, including budgets, have been made behind closed doors and only communicated to the public essentially after it has already been passed. Proper public consultation and communication has not existed.

            Mayor Watson and Council have been spending our tax dollars on projects that we don’t need, such as a new Central library, and have been neglecting the important core services. As a result, over the past 12 years, Ottawa’s debt has more than tripled, going from $823 million to more than $3 Billion dollars. The interest payments alone are huge and are constantly eating away at our yearly property taxes.

            Clearly, the City of Ottawa does not have an income problem, it has developed a huge spending problem that is not sustainable. Ottawa’s budget for 2022 is $4.14 Billion and City Council must start to be far more careful and conscientious about decisions made.

            Taxpayers and our tax dollars need to be respected. Without question, this has not been the case during this entire era. ( Please recall, that Councillors Doug Thompson and George Darouze have constantly supported every budget and all the expensive schemes and projects). Please do not continue to elect these two individuals that do not respect your tax dollars, they are part of the problem not a solution.

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