Community Services & Protection

Elect Bob Masaro

Councillor - Osgoode Ward 20

Robert P. Masaro, B.A.(Hons.), B.Ed.

For Fiscal Accountability

Election Date: October 24, 2022

Candidate Bob Masaro

Community Services & Protection

  • Advocate for improved supports for people with a disability. ( improve accessibility for housing and transportation)
  • Develop more programs and services to assist seniors.
  • Advocate for funding for Mobile Crisis Response Teams for the City of Ottawa – develop links to mental help services. ( using model now available in much of Eastern Ontario)
  • Create Rehabilitation Centres to help with various addictions
  • Greatly reduce user fees for local community centers and facilities.
  • Create new recreational facilities local to the Ward. (Provide more activities for teens)      As mentioned in 2014, Greely needs an indoor arena.
  • Substantially improve Police presence in Osgoode Ward.
  • Advocate to re-establish a Local Community Police Officer. (not combined with other Wards).
  • Rework many By-laws to better reflect the Rural needs.
  • Volunteer Firefighters – increase pay, enhance equipment and safety. (Eventually create some full-time opportunities locally.)
  • Improve Household Fire Safety – ( ex. arrange for pet decal stickers to inform  firefighters regarding how many pets are in a household during an emergency. )
  • Improve Paramedic / Ambulance Services. Solutions need to be implemented ASAP!
  • Build a Paramedic Station in Greely.

One “Potential” Solution

Without question, a huge part of the Paramedic/Ambulance services problem appears to surround the fact that both members of the Paramedic team are required to stay with the patient until they go through triage at the hospital. Therefore, the Ambulance and the Paramedic team are often stuck at the hospital for extended periods of time.

One “potential” solution that I would suggest is to have the teams work in groups of three. Apparently, this is done in parts of the United States, with a third Paramedic in the back of the Ambulance. This third paramedic could stay with the patient in the hospital, freeing the other two to pick up another patient. Obviously, this could possibly help save some of the costs of purchasing additional Ambulances. In addition, more patients could be transported using less Ambulances.

Math Example: (Assume 30 Paramedics)

  • At this time –> 30 Paramedics are using 15 Ambulances (.: only 15 patients cared for)

  • If 30 in teams of 3 –> 10 Ambulances in use (20 patients could be transported and cared for in less time)

Recently, Mayor Watson asked the Province for 42 new Paramedics. With my solution it would require only 14 new Ambulances in use not 21. I have absolutely no idea why this concept has not even been discussed. Hopefully you will give me the chance to bring this forward by electing me.

In addition, I would advocate to build a Paramedic/Ambulance Station in Greely and in other areas of Osgoode Ward where needed.

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