Transit Realism:

I feel very strongly that we need a “realistic” plan for transit and it

is the largest issue facing us now. The current plan, which by the

way the incumbent voted for, does not include anything for the

Osgoode Ward even in the year 2031! What I cannot understand

is why the incumbent would vote for plans such as this that have

no vision for our area. How is this representing us? I feel that

there has been a lot of “pie in the sky” dreaming by the City on this

matter, without proper costing out done. A thorough cost/benefit

analysis of the project does not seem to exist. There should also

be concern expressed with regard to tunneling near major fault

lines and the huge cost over-runs that will likely occur if this

project takes place. Furthermore, the disruptions that will occur in

the City during construction will be a nightmare.

We should simply do the following: extend the existing O-Train

train tracks, getting VIA approvals and utilizing existing rights of

ways to rural areas.¹ This could be done with a realistic “pay as

you go” approach. Moreover, the transit plan as it is currently

proposed is not only far too expensive, it is backwards. The

concept should be to use rail to efficiently move people from rural

areas into the city. The problem the city “thinks” is solved by light

rail would be greatly reduced by taking the large number of cars

traveling from rural areas off the road. Existing rapid transit bus

routes in the city should now be enhanced to meet the concept of

a proper rapid transit system. Without any regards to logic or the

taxpayers the current City council came up with a plan that Must

Be Stopped !

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