Term Limits

Elect Bob Masaro

Councillor - Osgoode Ward 20

Robert P. Masaro, B.A.(Hons.), B.Ed.

For Fiscal Accountability

Election Date: October 24, 2022

Candidate Bob Masaro

Term Limits: The Problem with Incumbency



To The Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

WHEREAS, there is much historical and empirical evidence that the introduction of “Term Limits” of elected municipal officials in Ontario will improve representative democracy by reducing “incumbency”.

WHEREAS, a clear connection can be drawn to the lack of civic participation and low voter turn out for elections as incumbents retain their office approximately 90% of the time.

WHEREAS, incumbency has often led those holding elected municipal office to have a sense of “entitlement”, this office should be viewed as a public service for a time NOT as a career.

WHEREAS, incumbents often base legislative decisions upon their re-election goals rather than making changes based on evidence or constituent wishes and can be corrupted by power and influence.

WHEREAS, incumbents now enjoy an “unreasonable” advantage during elections with the use of municipal resources, fundraising contacts, name recognition and media coverage.

WHEREAS, instituting “Term Limits” will help eliminate the undue influences and “stagnation” of incumbency and revitalize civic engagement with the continuous introduction of new ideas, concepts and leadership thus improving representative democracy in Ontario.

WE THE UNDERSIGNED petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

To amend the Ontario Municipal Elections Act to limit the length of service for all mayors, councillors and school board trustees to a maximum of two terms (8 years). This does not preclude one from seeking an “alternative” municipal public office in the future. I fully endorse this petition and will be affixing my signature to it.

If you are interested in signing this document, please call: (613) 826-0521 and leave a message or e-mail: Bob.Masaro@gmail.com

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