To The City of Ottawa Council through
The Honourable _____________________ (elected Oct. 27, 2014)
Mayor of Ottawa

WHEREAS The proposed site of the Carlsbad Springs Dump is currently zoned “RURAL” and would require major rezoning from the City of Ottawa in order to proceed.

WHEREAS Historically this location was deemed NOT adequate for a similar waste project in the 1980’s by the municipality mainly because of the poor soil conditions.

WHEREAS The softness of the soil (Leda Clay) is identified as the weakest type of soil, most prone to amplified shaking and even liquefaction during seismic events. A documented risk in the area of the site.

WHEREAS The presence of natural gas on the site was previously found under the clay and represents an unexplored and serious risk for the functioning of the landfill system.

WHEREAS These are ecologically sensitive lands with an unusually rich biodiversity. Also, the site habitat includes a peat bog and forest with a high water table making the risk of “off-site migration” of contaminants from surface water unacceptably high.

We the undersigned petition the City of Ottawa Council as follows:

1 – To “REJECT” the proposed Carlsbad Springs Dump project as it is not needed and is a high-risk location. Ottawa has more than enough disposal capacity using existing sites.

2 – To maintain the “RURAL” zoning classification of this site. To stand up for the citizens of Ottawa against the OMB even legally if necessary and move to help create legislative protection for the future environmental integrity of this area.

3 – The City must place limitations on where landfills can be placed, and to explore alternative waste diversion methods so that new landfills are no longer needed

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