Incumbents … AGAIN!

Incumbents … AGAIN!

In so many ways, it shows a complete lack of integrity with the fact that Doug Thompson is now running against George Darouze after going to such extreme lengths to endorse and campaign for him in 2014.

(For example, we do know that he personally campaigned going door – to – door saying “Vote for George”)

In 2012, Doug Thompson was offered the TAX-PAYER funded severance package of over $67,000! ( This is coincidentally when George started “Job-Shadowing” Doug. )

Doug Thompson should be required to pay back the severance package he received. Please be aware that neither of these incumbents are in it to represent the people of Osgoode Ward properly. 

However, Thompson’s efforts for Darouze went far beyond what many people ever knew:

  • Created Snowmobile Award (this never existed before and has not been awarded since that I can find.)
  • Provided all his contacts for Donations for George
  • Thompson had his Team from other elections also going door – to – door.
  • Encouraged many of the other candidates to enter the race to confuse the voters
  • Highly “Influence peddled” a candidate (Justin Campbell) to drop out of the race so that George Darouze could be at the top of the ballot. (A photo was posted of Darouze and Campbell shaking hands at the Metcalfe Client Service office AFTER he dropped out – this was very strange behavior!)
  • Allowed Darouze to use his “TAX-PAYER” funded vote mobile to campaign.
  • Finally revealed his lie about not supporting any candidate coming out supporting George Darouze ONLY because George Wright came into the race late – He came in second.
  • Doug Thompson always wanted to do what he is doing right now – in fact he wanted to run for Councillor back in the 2018 election (Sue Sherring Article)

Here is a list of things that Doug Thompson doesn’t want you to remember:

  • Brought in the Osgoode the Bag-a-Tag program for Garbage pickup in the 1990s. (Which is being thought about in Council again!)
  • After amalgamation helped remove the 2 votes for rural Councillors which was part of the original plan for amalgamation.
  • Responsible for originally bringing in all the “one-size-fits-all” City By-Laws that have affected us in the rural area since amalgamation.
  • In 2001/ 2002 USED a group against Amalgamation (The Rural Alliance + Carleton County Yes) ONLY for his own political gain and votes.  (One of the organization leaders, Bud Black, told me that they eventually realized that Doug Thompson didn’t want de-amalgamation to occur at all.)
  • Completely reactive rather than proactive on any issues ( One example of this is during one of his many absent times at Council the Albion road issue came forward)
  • The main reason why we don’t have OC Transpo in Osgoode Ward is due to a past vote from 50 people Thompson had in a room in the early 2000s. We have not had an opportunity to vote since!
  • The MOST absent Councillor at the Council table, missing more than 52 IMPORTANT recorded votes during the 2006 to 2010 term as an example.
  • Thompson votes for all the expensive projects and agendas at the Council table  (Continues to present himself as a Conservative but never votes as one)
  • During his time was labelled as one of Jim Watson’s main “bobbleheads” voting with Watson and Council on almost every issue. This lead to unbelievably voting for a Downtown Casino, almost losing the Rideau Carlton Raceway.
  • Voted for all tax increases
  • Voted for Phase 1 of LRT, then against it, then for it again. (Always voting with the Council and always misrepresenting the rural residents) (Extremely odd that a Rural Councillor would be voting for a project like this and to continuously say to the Rural residents that we don’t pay for it? Don’t we pay property taxes? )
  • Abused TAX-PAYER funded Office Budget on numerous trips – resulting in no noticeable value to taxpayers
  • The Orgaworld contract – Doug Thompson was one of the main members of City Council most heavily involved and aware of the parameters of this contract. It has been concluded to be one of the worst contracts involved for the City before LRT came into play.
  • Donation List of 2010
  • Running for Councillor AGAIN, AFTER getting a TAX-PAYER funded severance package (Many residents I have spoken to are asking for him to pay it back, will he??)

Now to not forget anyone, here are some of George Darouze’s Lowlights since being our Councillor (2014 till now….

  • Voted for the Carlsbad Springs Dump
  • Voted for the Stormwater (Rain) Ditch Tax (Told media he was trying to SELL it to us)
  • Voted for the Tewin Development Proposal
  • Voted for LRT Phase 2 ($4.66 Billion Project)
  • Voted for 74 Electric Busses ( $1 Billion Project)
  • Voted AGAINST the LRT Public Inquiry (Doesn’t want anything revealed)
  • “Unacceptable” behaviour when faced with critical commentary (Integrity Commissioner Investigation into Darouze bullying a constituent who criticized police deployment in the Osgoode area.)
  • Was caught for texting while driving during a live City of Ottawa stream. (This is hugely irresponsible for being a Councillor, you are to set an example for others.)
  • Supported CIP program for companies like Mark’s Motors (The CIP program is essentially a TAX-PAYER funded tax break for Corporations; no small business has access to this program)
  • MAXED-OUT the TAX-PAYER funded Office Budget (Always close to the allotted amount)
  • George Darouze Office Budget 2018 – 2022
  • Donation list of 2018 – large majority of the donations are individuals that sit as Boards of Directors of Corporations. (This is a form of vote buying or “back-scratching” that very often lends itself to corruption)
  • Voted with Watson on all projects and motions presented to Council; A crown member of the “Watson Club” and got the anointed degree as “Deputy”

I don’t know about your thoughts on these lists, but in my opinion, these individuals are clearly not representing a Rural Ward! The even better question would be, how is this at all being fiscally responsible for the tax-payers of Osgoode Ward??

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