2014 Election Platform

The list below is a reminder of what my [Bob Masaro] platform was in 2014 which included many goals that I wanted to accomplish during 2014-2018 Term in office

City Concerns:

  • Stop wasting Taxpayers money, be fiscally responsible
  • Work “within” Budgets, freeze taxes, stop adding to the debt!
  • Reject any further phases of LRT project
  • Rework Orgaworld contract, return weekly curbside Garbage collection
  • Stop “Mega” projects – city should concentrate on Core services and infrastructure repair – be “proactive” not reactive to the issue.
  • City Planning and Projects – greatly improve safeguards on contracts, stop sole-sourcing
  • City Management – make city managements and legal team more accountable, greatly reduce use of consultants
  • Greatly Improve communication coming from City to citizens.
  • City should become more involved in improving conditions of social housing.
  • Create viable alternatives for waste management; ex. Incineration should be examined
  • Insist Ottawa River Action Plan proceed to improve water quality for all areas
  • Reduce length of council member terms [Term Limits]

Local Concerns:

  • Insist our tax money comes back more equitably. (full accountability)
  • Dump Carlsbad Springs Dump  **(See PetitionDump Carlsbad Springs Dump [2014])
  • Provide constant, reliable increased funding for Road Infrastructure  
  • Improve Road Safety and improve infrastructure for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. (ex. Side-panels {paved shoulders} on all future road construction)
  • Pursue enhancements in materials and road planning methods used for “optimum durability”
  • Traffic control in dangerous areas ex. Safer crossings at school zones.
  • Advocate for improved controls on rural water quality
  • Stop spreading of biosolids {human feces} near residential properties on farm land.
  • Maintain controls on Zoning and Development
  • Revisit numerous questionable City bylaws to properly reflect the needs of the rural people. Ex. Backyard hens should be allowed on rural properties.
  • Re – Open client service centers to react to all citizen concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible. (Volunteers encouraged – service hours for students)
  • Arrange local meetings more frequently and at convenient times
  • Enhance roles of Community Associations – modest honorarium allocated from office budget, much greater involvement in decisions
  • Greatly reduce user fees for local facilities
  • Re-build / create recreation facilities, example: Greely needs an indoor arena.
  • Volunteer Firefighters – increase pay, enhance safety
  • Improve policing and ambulance services.
  • Arrange help for Rural citizens in need ex. Flooding, septic issues, wells.
  • Provide links for Osgoode Ward to Public Transit ex. Proposing a small shuttle bus service to transportation nodes, bring O-Train to Leitrum Road park & ride **(bobmasaro.ca/public-transit-realism/)
  • Increase funding for youth programs and services for all Osgoode Ward communities (Use O-YA as model for other communities)
  • Develop more programs to assist seniors and support building of more quality seniors residences
  • Support and promote the development of local business ex. Will ensure we have Trade Shows for our Ward
  • Actively support the promotion of Agriculture and Conservation organizations in our community.
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