To The City of Ottawa Council through
The Honourable _____________________ (elected Oct. 27, 2014)
Mayor of Ottawa

WHEREAS One of the critical concerns of the citizens of Osgoode Ward is the deteriorating condition of one of our “core services” – ROADS

WHEREAS The roads in Osgoode Ward have constantly received “low priority” status in the City’s Transportation Plan.

WHEREAS The money allocated for roads in Osgoode Ward has been extremely inconsistent and fluctuated from $4 million to $12 million dollars in recent years.

WHEREAS The City must be aware it is currently using inferior materials, contracting companies and poor planning methods for our roads causing huge subsequent costs such as pothole repair

WHEREAS The City has been negligent and has not mandated road safety needs for our Ward such as improved lighting and side-panels in their planning.


WE the undersigned petition the City of Ottawa Council as follows:

1 – Provide constant funding for Road Infrastructure in Osgoode Ward of at least $12 million dollars per year.
2 – Direct city staff to pursue enhancements in various materials and road planning methods used for “optimum durability”
3 – Improve overall Road Safety and Infrastructure for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

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