Elections2014Your Vote Counts!

On October 27th Vote Bob Masaro for Osgoode Ward 20 Councillor

Lets have the City of Ottawa Listen to the Rural Communities.



Major Issues for 2014

LRT: Ottawa’s Big Dig (Our Future White Elephant)

  • What 2.1 Billion actually means to us

Mayor Watson: Our “Savoir Faire”

  • A Tweeting Failure – examine a compelling “litany of failures”

Garbage: The Orgaworld contract and green bin program

  • Return weekly Garbage pickup, release the Orgaworld Audit now!

Road Infrastructure and Safety: Inconsistency and neglect of our “core” service

  • Change the Approach – planning for “optimum durability”

Rideau – Carleton Raceway: Downtown Watson’s Flip-Flop

  • Lisa MacLeod’s Efforts – the only “local” politician who came out strongly.

Public Transit Realism: The City has the Transit problem backwards.

  • Examine a “realistic”, less expensive proposal for our transit services

The Election Campaign: The Problem of Incumbency

  • A “Fair” Campaign in 2014, a discussion of Donations